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Worst eCommerce Marketing Mistakes To Avoid!

eCommerce Marketing Mistakes

We live in an era of e-commerce. Online sales continue developing by leaving behind physical stores.This trend has become especially popular with the rapid growth of COVID-19. As a result, millions of sellers rushed to set up their business on Amazon without having proper knowledge of how to sell on this platform. Today, we, at Oceanic Zoo, are going to bring to your attention the top e-commerce mistakes that sellers make during their operation on this platform.  They Do Not Know Who Their Target Audience Is! This is one of the most common mistakes that even experienced sellers make. As…

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Amazon Predictions: Things to Look For In 2021!

Amazon predictions

Let’s be honest; each of us wants to look into the future and just take a quick look at what will happen to us in the future and how our life is going to be. The same goes for businesses; if you are a business owner, you probably want to know what will happen to your business after a certain period of time. So, if you are an Amazon seller and want to learn about the main changes within your Amazon business in the near future; then, you are a lucky one, since today, Oceanic Zoo is going to bring…

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Top 3 Reasons Your Amazon Sales Have Slowed

Amazon Sales Have Slowed

After tying the knot with Amazon, sellers usually enjoy their Amazon honeymoon, where they get tons of orders and make many sales. They’re having so much fun, and don’t even think about the minefield that is waiting for them after the wedding trip with their favorite platform.  What they didn’t know is that Amazon is extremely demanding, and once the spouse does anything wrong (even a slight mistake!) they will forget about all the perks of selling on this platform. So, if you belong to the group of sellers who have recently noticed a decrease in their sales, let’s find…

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eCommerce Statistics You Need to Know in 2021!

eCommerce statistics

It’s time to highlight the weight of eCommerce in our everyday lives and understand that sooner or later we will have to organise a farewell party to brick and mortar stores… After 30 or 40 years seeing a physical store would be a tender look back, a memory of moments that are gone, and a memory that demonstrates the drastic changes that have been implemented!  So, you’re an eCommerce seller and are looking for some inspiration? Then it’s time to show all the statistics that will assure you that you have made the right choice!  Remember, statistics and news are…

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How to successfully launch a product on Amazon!

Launching a new product on Amazon can become  quite a beneficial step, since it can help you attract  the attention of  more customers.However, there are several tricky points regarding this process that you should keep in mind. Today we, at Oceanic Zoo, want to bring to your attention the most effective ways for launching a new product on Amazon. Let’s get started! Product Research! Let’s say, you have found the best product which is definitely going to be popular among Amazon’s customers. However, do not rush to celebrate your win, since there are several tricky points that you should keep…

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Common Amazon Error Codes and How to Avoid Them

Instructions on how to avoid common Amazon error codes

Our world is full of codes and programs that we are not aware of, and we’re not really guilty of that! We are living in a world where everything, including computers and eCommerce, is based on ciphers and codification: so, we can’t really survive, earn money and shop online without them.  The same happens on Amazon, where millions of customers are investing their money and getting something instead. Here, on this very platform, you have to care about what you’re doing to keep afloat and make sure you’re going to make the best out of your selling career. So, if…

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Why FBA Sellers Need to Get Product Liability Insurance

If you feel that you are ready for the selling process on Amazon, you should start working on opening up your selling account. For this, you have to go through formation processes, fill in your personal information and wait for your account to open!  If you didn’t know, Amazon is very strict when it comes to its sellers. The platform understands that it’s the seller who communicates directly with the customer, and therefore, it’s the seller who provides the customer service. Hence, sellers need to provide certain documents to show their true intentions and that they meet Amazon’s requirements.  Apart…

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10 Fascinating Amazon Statistics FBA Sellers Need to Know

The history of Amazon is really incredible; everything started in Jeff Bezos’s garage and within a few years, Amazon became one of the most powerful and reputable companies all over the world. We suggest that you also read one of our previous blogs where we go into details and discuss the entire history of Amazon from scratch. Nowadays, Amazon is considered to be the largest e-commerce retailer used by more than 310 million active customers from different corners of our planet. If you are a beginner and intend to start your business on Amazon, then we are happy to bring…

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Tips to Start Selling on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart is an acknowledged leader in providing online services all over the United States. Nowadays, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world which provides different categories of products to both common consumers, and retailer sellers all over the world. Currently, Walmart has more than 110 million active customers who successfully operate on this platform. It is the exact reason that there are lots of sellers who intend to launch their business on Walmart. One of the main advantages provided by Walmart is that compared to other markets, it is less competitive.  Nowadays, there are more than 33,000 sellers who…

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Common Problems Amateur Amazon Sellers Face!

For many years, Amazon has been confidentially leading the pack in e-commerce, leaving behind online giants such as eBay and Walmart. During 2020, Amazon beat all the records in sales and showed an amazing result by reporting a net income of $21.33 billion. As a result, we see more and more people who wish to start their business on Amazon. However, before jumping into this field, one should keep in mind that there are lots of barriers that they can meet as beginners during their operation on Amazon. Today, we are going to bring to your attention more common challenges…

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