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Truth be told, Amazon is on top of the online food chain and it’s needless to say that most sellers are aiming for selling their products on Amazon. However, little do they know that there are loads of other marketplaces where selling can be an ultimate experience as well! Under Amazon’s shadow, sellers are not mindful of other marketplaces, which is the reason we’re here to provide the best information, and therefore to show that getting off to a flying start is possible not only with Amazon!

At the end of the day, the floor is yours and you are the one to decide where exactly to sell your products.

In the following article, we decided to bring to light three marketplaces which can be considered as alternatives to Amazon.

First on the list is Walmart, which hand in hand with Amazon is known to be the life and soul of the e-commerce party! On a monthly basis, this marketplace is visited by more than 100 million people, which makes Walmart an attractive marketplace to sell on. Sellers are required to request approval to sell on Amazon, and sometimes their requests are not accepted. However, this should not lead you to throwing in the towel. If you have a good performance, Walmart will definitely accept your application.  Here, we’d like to weigh in on Walmart’s main advantage: sellers need to pay a referral fee for selling their products. Amazon, on the other hand, has a big list of activities for which it will charge you charge money. 

Another marketplace we’re excited to talk about is Newegg, which had more than $2.5 billion in revenue during its launching year. In a special section called Seller Academy, Newegg established a list of policies to make sure customer service is on beast mode. Just like Amazon, Newegg zones in on customer service, which is why it’s an important factor for a seller to be responsive within 24 hours.
Newegg mostly concentrates on selling gaming equipment, computer parts and laptops. In a nutshell, their calling card is selling electronics.
What we really liked about this marketplace is its Shipped by Newegg (SBN) feature, which allows having your product prepped, packed and shipped by Newegg itself. Kinda like FBA for Amazon. This way a safe and sound shipping is guaranteed!

The third marketplace we’d like to draw attention to is, whose business model is a little bit different, which sets it apart from others. In contrast with Amazon, offers prices at 5-15% less than other marketplace competitors, due to which products there are selling like hotcakes!  Moreover, this marketplace is famous for not charging any fees; no sign-up fees, no product listing fees, nothing! The only thing wants is to get 8-15% commission from the product purchase. In one word, this is a heaven for sellers!

Finally, let’s have a reality check! Every seller has their own, subjective opinion about different marketplaces, which in turn makes the decision even more dazzling and fascinating. Don’t forget that even Amazon is not the only one in marketplace-world; there are plenty of other apples on the ecommerce tree!

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