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You’ve probably heard about Amazon’s BSR before. It’s a term that’s tossed around often, but what actually is the BSR? Let’s take a quick look:

BSR stands for Best Seller Rank. What does that mean? Well, there are more than 600 million products listed for sale on Amazon and the number is only growing. There’s bound to be some sort of ranking system, right? That’s exactly what the BSR is. The BSR shows you where each product ranks compared to other products.

Where do I find it?

Easy! The BSR can be found in every listing of every product. Usually when you scroll down a listing, you’ll find it listed in an information box. If you’re still having problems finding it, just press Control + F and search “Best Seller Rank” and it should pop up easily.

How is it calculated?

A good magician never reveals tricks, and Amazon never clearly states how exactly it calculates the BSR. However, we know that some aspects are definitely taken into consideration:

  • Sales volume (in other words, how much the product is selling)
  • Data for sales over a specific amount of time (recent and historical)

As recent sales data is influential in calculating the BSR, the number changes on an hourly basis. The BSR of a product will change from hour to hour depending on influential factors.

What is the sweet spot?

Generally, you want your BSR number to be as low as possible.

“Wait, what? How can a low number be what I’m looking for?”

Simple! The lower the BSR number is, the higher sales you have! If there are 600 million products on Amazon, which ranking would you rather have? 1 or 600 million? Definitely 1!

Disclaimer: The BSR of each product is different per category. What does this mean? A product, let’s say a specific brand of shampoo, could rank 1268 in the Beauty and Personal Care category, whereas it could rank 154 in the Shampoo for Men subcategory. Ranking per each category and subcategory is available on listings. If a product has a high BSR in one category, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be as successful in another subcategory.

Why do I need a good BSR?

Well, because when customers see that a product has high BSR, they are automatically more intrigued in buying it. “Oh, this product has an insanely high BSR! People must love it. I’ll probably love it, too.” Click. Purchase is made!

So, at this point you’re probably wondering how you can get a good BSR, right?

First of all, you should know that you will have low ranking when you first list a product on Amazon. Why? Well, because you haven’t made any sales! Remember, the S in BSR stands for sales. The more you sell, the higher your ranking.

“Umm, OK? How do I get sales then?”

Now that’s a totally different rabbit hole! The advice we have for you is not to be too focused on high BSR when you are first starting out. Plan your selling strategy instead, so you’ll hit the ground running with good sales. The BSR will automatically follow. You can do this by using correct keywords, marketing, and a myriad of other ways. Check out our website for more info on how to do this!

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