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 Covid-19 makes us rethink how we work. World’s economy is going down the drain since more than a million are already infected. Things are getting worse in the USA where more than 215000 people are experiencing bad times and even though China is slowly recovering, there are still 81.000 cases left. Due to this virus, physical stores are closing as their clients are not able to or simply do not want to come out of their four walls. What else can owners of brick-and-mortar businesses do, other than operating their business in the online dimension?
In fact, sellers are on the fence between two options:

  1. Find this situation a bitter pill to swallow and temporarily close their business
  2. Make the best of bad times and move on to selling online

If you are juggling these two options, you’re in the right place at the right time. This article is for the ones who know that time costs a pretty penny!
Due to the Coronavirus affecting businesses like yours, it is a good idea to start selling online. Before the pandemic, many sellers were not shooting for e-commerce, as it would require not only financial resources, but also time and many other obstacles to face. But real success comes when we rise after we fall; this is why it’s better to control the current situation and make the best of it somehow.

First of all, it is so much easy to work online, whereas physical stores require physical support and more financial resources. For creating a store online, there are loads of platforms and tools which you can use. E-commerce platforms like Squarespace or Shopify can build a website right for you; it’s so easy that you can do it with your eyes shut. Once you’re done with creating your online store, the online system will let you take a breather as it handles your customers, their orders, and payments. This will for sure give you enough time to take five and concentrate on plugging your business.

Keeping pace with the current situation can be even beneficial for us. Online businesses can be operated from anywhere, what else can we ask for during quarantine? What is more, you unconsciously become flexible and available around the clock. Your customers won’t have to wait so long for searching and purchasing products; your shop will be visible and even audible 24 hours a day.
Selling online gives you the opportunity to take more control over your business. If you think that having tangible stores says otherwise about control, pay attention to this part. With the help of developing technology, you can now observe and understand your segment. You will understand what your customers search for, what they mostly need, how many items they put in their carts, how many orders have been already confirmed and fulfilled, and your total revenue while selling online; the list of what you can do is not over yet! What do you think about e-commerce now?
Our advice to every seller experiencing bad times due to Coronavirus is this: we can’t fix everything that goes wrong in our lives, but we do can make the best of the situation and move forward. No one knows when quarantines and the viral outbreak will end; that is why it’s better to be ahead of time. Remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and sell it for a profit!

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