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In case you are wondering what the Amazon Buy Box is, the answer is pretty simple. It is a white box, located on the right side of the product details page, where two very important options are also located, the “Buy Now” and the “Add to Cart” buttons. If you are the lucky one who has won the Amazon Buy Box, then your product will be represented in the Buy Box, and can easily be added on the buyer’s cart. As an Amazon seller, you will agree that every seller wants his or her product to be chosen and added to the customer’s cart, since there is a quick way from “Add to Cart” to “Buy Now”.

First of all, you should understand that Amazon becomes very strict when it comes to choosing the Buy Box winners, and only chosen ones are eligible for this option. So, if you find yourself a reputable and fair seller, then go ahead!

Now that you know how big of a deal the Amazon Buy Box is, you’re probably wondering how you can win it among so many other sellers. Don’t worry, since we have prepared several useful tips which will help you become eligible for it.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of FBA

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a shipping method used by the biggest part of Amazon sellers. This method provides sellers with a chain of advantages such as packaging, shipping, storing inventory, and taking care of customer service. Thus, the sellers who use FBA can be sure that customers receive perfect customer service. Therefore, when it comes to the Buy Box, Amazon prioritized those sellers who are operating under FBA. So, if you are an FBM seller, the chances for winning the Amazon Buy Box are pretty low, since you look like a potential competitor in the eyes of Amazon.

Competitive Pricing

Keep in mind that Amazon can kick you out of the competition if you are caught offering a certain product at the lowest price. Try to ensure that you are keeping the balance of optimal prices. You can go through your competitors’ websites and learn their prices; it will help you compare your prices and set an optimal price on your products. Of course, you should set the price on your products based on  factors like the cost of the product, your employees’ wages and Amazon fees; otherwise you risk having serious losses in your business.

Be Faster

If you are an FBM seller who has confidence to win the Buy Box, then you should pay particular attention to your shipping time frame. Your main job is to ensure that your customer receives the order in the fastest way, since only those FBM sellers who manage to ship the orders at the speediest time are eligible to compete for the Buy Box.

Negative Feedbacks

As a contender for the Amazon Buy Box, you should do your best in order to avoid receiving negative feedbacks.  That’s because they can damage your reputation as a fair seller and reduce the chances of getting the Buy Box. Try to concentrate on providing good service to your customers, and detect and solve any issue in its earliest stage.

Don’t Cancel Orders

Any seller who runs a business on Amazon is aware that the cancellation rate should always be under 2.5%. Once it exceeds this number, you can face suspension issues. Thus, you should ensure that you don’t have missing products in your warehouse, since once you cancel the order because of missing items, your cancellation rate is going to suffer.

Amazon is a recognized leader among other e-commerce platforms; nearly five out of ten dollars are spent on Amazon. According to research, more than 77% of Americans get their Christmas presents through this platform. So, if you want to become a part of this great empire, then do not hesitate to review your entire business and make several changes in your operation in order to become an owner of the Buy Box, and succeed in your Amazon business.

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