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Just like always, we’re not revealing something incredible by saying that Amazon is the acknowledged leader among other e-commerce platforms.  That’s because more than 310 million people prefer to use this platform over others, at least when it comes to ecommerce. One of the main advantages of Amazon is that it gives brands the ultimate experience on its platform.  You, as a brand owner, should not worry about how to drive traffic through the website, or how to boost your sales. All you need to do is to choose the best price, and let Amazon take care of the rest.

That’s because Amazon provides its sellers (some of which are brands themselves) with a unique opportunity to grow their business and compete with more acknowledged brands.  This carefully-chosen strategy can help your brand not only stand out, but also build a powerful business on Amazon. So, if you are a brand owner who intends to start selling on Amazon, we suggest you read this blog first, since we have prepared lots of useful tips which will help you have a successful startup on Amazon.

Customer Reviews

Having positive customer reviews can definitely help you, since the fair opinion of these customers is vital to your Amazon business. So, if you have provided your customer with high-quality service, and they are satisfied with these services, you can ask them to leave their opinion for your product. Additionally, positive reviews will help you increase control over the Amazon Buy Box. But, keep in mind that you cannot contact your customer via phone number or email address, since the only permitted way of contact is through the messaging section designated for sellers and buyers.

The Importance of Product Packaging

As a brand owner, you should pay particular attention to your products’ packaging. That’s because it is equally important as your products’ quality. It is better to use special boxes for special items; in this case you can be sure that your customer receives the product intact, without damages. Additionally, you can use the box for putting coupons for the next order, or a card as a compliment. You can even include candies! Believe us that this small gesture will go a long way on having a positive impact on your customers, and encouraging them to use your service again.

Don’t Forget to Respond to Your Customer Reviews!

By operating on Amazon, you should keep in mind that whatever your customers write in the feedback section, is visible for everyone to read. Does not matter if it is positive or negative. And you, as a brand owner, do not have any control over this process. You cannot hide or delete them. Try to use this opportunity to gain the trust of your customers. Always answer these reviews and try to find the optimal solution to any problem concerning your customers.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Providing high-quality customer service is one of the most important aspects when you are selling on Amazon. Take the entire process of your customer service into your hands. Try to implement multi-channel customer service by providing your customers with an opportunity to reach out to you via different ways, such as telephone numbers, email addresses and social media chats. Do not ignore negative reviews coming from your customer; each solved problem will work pretty well for you. Once your customer gets top-notch customer service, they will always want to remain your customers.

Follow our simple advices and your success on Amazon will not be long in coming. However, if you need more detailed guidelines, contact the Oceanic Zoo team and we will help your brand get established on Amazon in the safest possible way!

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