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Amazon Brand Registry is a program which provides brands with a unique opportunity to monitor their products on Amazon. The main advantage of this option is that brand owners can influence their detail pages. Today, we are going to talk about main advantages and disadvantages provided by Amazon Brand Registry.

Let’s try to understand what you get by choosing this option:

  • First of all, you get full control over your products’ detail pages.
  • You are provided with an opportunity to list your items with various product descriptions.

As you can see, the benefits are undoubtedly quite tempting. Now, let’s try to understand how you can apply for Amazon Brand Registry.

Who Can Apply for This Option?

There is a huge number of people who can apply for Amazon’s Brand Registry program. If you are a manufacturer or a brand owner, you can easily use the advantages provided by Amazon Brand Registry. However, if you are an authorized distributor who has written permission from the brand to sell its product on Amazon, you can also implement this option.

How Can I Register in the Brand Registry Program?

Here are the main requirements that you should consider before applying for this program:

  • First of all, you should provide Amazon with an image of your product’s packaging. Try to ensure that your branding is visible.
  • Additionally, you should also submit an image of the product with visible branding on it.
  • A link of your brand’s website; make sure that the images sent by you are also available on your brand’s website.
  • Also, you should provide Amazon with detailed information on your product, such as: Manufacturer part number, the number of models, the number of Catalog, Style number.

Why Should You Use the Brand Registry Program?

Besides the advantages mentioned above, there are also several benefits provided by Amazon’s Brand Registry program.

First of all, you can easily detect and remove counterfeit listings. But, unfortunately, you cannot completely root out counterfeit issues.

However, both brands and manufacturers can speed up the process of detecting and removing counterfeit products, since you can easily prove to Amazon that you are the real owner of the brand.

Counterfeit listing is one of the most common problems for most Amazon brand owners. And, sometimes, it is too hard for the brand to fight against unfair sellers alone. However, if you are a registered brand owner, you can solve counterfeit issues comparably faster. That’s because Amazon detects the counterfeiters, and removes their selling privileges for Intellectual Property IP violation.

There are no doubts that by using Amazon’s Brand Registry, you can be sure that your brand has a fair reputation on Amazon. If you want to become a part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program and fully protect your brand from counterfeiters, Oceanic Zoo’ team has prepared several useful tips on how to implement this process:

  • If your product is top-selling, then we strictly recommend that you pay particular attention to your product’s logo. We agree that is a time-consuming process; however, if you really want to succeed on Amazon, believe us, it’s worth it!
  • Pay particular attention to your product’s packaging, even if it requires additional cost.
  • Try to ensure that you have an active website.

In accordance with above-mentioned, you can see that the advantages provided by Amazon Brand Registry are enormous. However, if you want to fully protect your brand on Amazon, reach out to Oceanic Zoo’s team and we will help you build a profitable and safe business, and protect your brand from counterfeit issues!

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