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The Creation of an E-Commerce Empire

Amazon… an acknowledged leader among other e-commerce markets, since it has cemented its positions as one of the most popular and trustworthy e-commerce platforms all over the world. It is hard to believe, but the retail giant started its incredible journey in a garage, as a small bookstore. Today, we are going to tell you the incredible story of Amazon from the garage to the world’s biggest and most powerful e-commerce platform.

Everything began in Washington, in Jeff Bezos’s small garage. It is hard to even imagine, but there was a time when Jeff Bezos packed books, and took them to the post office by himself. At this period of time, Bezos planned to develop his knowledge in physics or math. However, later on, he realized that he didn’t want to continue in this direction, and redirected his skills elsewhere. After graduating Princeton with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, he reevaluated his knowledge and transfeed them into another sphere, by developing his little business. It was during the exact period of creating Amazon’s history.

Launched as an online bookstore in Washington, Amazon was selling books without charging sales tax to its customers.  A total investment in Amazon was $10,000; it was Jeff Bezos own savings. He and his wife were running their business from their garage for several years.

Let’s Name It…

At first, Jeff Bezos intended to give the company the name of “Cadabra”; however, later, he has changed his opinion. That’s because  in some cases, this name sounded like “Cadaver”. You don’t want to name your business after dead bodies!

Another version of the name was “Relentless.” But finally, he decided to use “Amazon” after the largest river in South America. The company started to gain popularity all over the United States, and Amazon decided to go public. Now, imagine a situation where you invested in $1000 Amazon in 1997. Now, your shares would be more than $1,137,000!

By 1999, Amazon made a shift in its operation and allowed third-party sellers to sell through its platform, by progressing from a book seller to the e-commerce platform with many products.


In 2005, Bezos announced about the customer loyalty program’s launch, which offered customers free shipping and a bunch of other benefits for $79 per year. It was one of Bezos’ most lucky steps, since now there are more than 112 million Prime members.

Next up were Echo and Alexa, back in 2015 having a virtual assistant was something new. However, in a very short period of time, both Alexa and Echo became very popular among Amazon customers. Nowadays, Amazon sells more than 100 million Alexa equipped devices and continues to update Alexa’s functions on a daily basis.

Currently, Amazon is the most popular e-commerce platform which sells music, books, electronics, toys, clothes, groceries, medical devices, and many other goods for millions of its customers. Additionally, Amazon produces kindle e-book readers, and develops the book publishing market.

Amazon becomes more and more popular day by day. Nearly 2.5million sellers are selling on Amazon currently. Customers all over the planet are using this platform. That’s because Amazon provides its sellers with high-quality customer service, and takes care of any issue which arises on its platform.

As you can see, Amazon has been leading the pack in e-commerce for many years, and, of course, it is worth to start a business on this platform. So, if you are a brand owner who wants to sell its products through this platform, contact Oceanic Zoo’ team, and we will help you achieve e- commerce market success and put your business in a completely different direction!

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