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Welcome onboard, dear sellers! Oceanic Zoo’s team continues to simplify our readers’ life. Therefore, we have launched the series of blogs talking about the main factors that every seller has to consider before jumping into Amazon’s world. Do not miss the first chapter of this blog, where we have already talked about several factors concerning Amazon. Meanwhile, let’s return to the second part, and learn about the main factors that you can fac when you are selling on Amazon.

Lack of Customer Data

If you are a brand owner who is selling on his or her own channels, you can be sure that you can collect the best customer data. However, if you are selling on Amazon, it can be hard for the seller to reach out to established customer data, unless you are doing FBA on Amazon.

Amazon Competes with Its Sellers

When you are selling on Amazon, you should be ready that Amazon can figure out which type of products are high demanded among Amazon sellers, and create similar products, selling them at lower prices whenever it wants! Like a mall owner, Amazon can open the store next to yours, and start to sell the same products at lower prices! Worst part: you cannot really do anything about it.

Distribution of Inauthentic Products

Another common issue that sellers can meet when they are selling on Amazon, is counterfeit products. That’s because it is too easy to start selling on Amazon, which allows lots of unfair sellers to spread counterfeit products through this platform. It is the exact reason why many famous brands like Nike have decided to leave this platform. However, this issue is more popular among luxury retailers, since the biggest part of counterfeit products are the products of famous luxury brands. If you are a common seller, this issue is not going to be a big problem for your small brand; additionally, Amazon puts much effort into competing with unfair sellers.

Sometimes, Selling on Amazon Can be Expensive

Of course, achieving success on Amazon is not an easy process since you should have established advertising and right marketing strategies in place. Otherwise, you risk going down a rabbit hole. That’s because advertising has a vital role, and if you really want to succeed on Amazon, you should be ready for putting both effort and money into your e-commerce business.

You Are not An Owner of The Platform

One of the most negative aspects when you are running your e-commerce business on Amazon, is that you should adhere to every Amazon rule. Who pays the piper, calls the tune. If you really want to succeed in selling on Amazon, you should be ready for the fact that Amazon can change the rules whenever it wants. Thus, it can rise fees, or suspend your seller account for any reason.

How Oceanic Zoo Can Help You!

As with every e-commerce platform, Amazon has its pros and cons. However, if you are doing your business in accordance with all of Amazon’s requirements, you can be sure that nothing can move you from the right direction. Especially if you launch your business with the help of Oceanic Zoo’s team. That’s because before launching this process, we are open to discuss any concerns you have, in order to satisfy all of your wishes. Additionally, we assure you, that everything within your Amazon business will be done in accordance with all of Amazon’s requirements, and that contrasts with the fact that you will have a profitable business on Amazon in a dramatically short period of time.

We try, in every way possible, to build a powerful e-commerce business for your brand, by providing you with all the advantages that you can gain during your operation on Amazon.

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