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Amazon is a respected leader in the e-commerce segment; more than a third of all United States’ sales with more than 31%, goes through Amazon. Currently, Amazon has nearly 2.5 million sellers who successfully run their business on the platform. It is an acknowledged cornerstone of United States’ e-commerce industry. Despites the fact that lots of brand keen on protecting their names are afraid to integrate with Amazon, there are many others who successfully run their business through this platform.

Whether you like it or not, if you are the owner of a popular brand, then the possibility that someone will sell your brand on Amazon is very high. Therefore, why not use this unique opportunity to utilize all the benefits provided by Amazon? Especially when lots of famous brands have successfully operated on Amazon for many years. In order to prove this fact, Oceanic Zoo’s team has prepared a list of brands who are currently operating on Amazon, and make really good profit from it.

Michael Kors

A famous American brand, Michael Kors presents a wide chain of different products such as watches, sunglasses and bags.


This brand has been around since 1863, by providing customers with high-quality bags, boots and leather goods. Nowadays, you can enjoy this brand on Amazon as well.


Another popular brand which has a store on Amazon is Gucci. You can find lots of Gucci sunglasses on Amazon both for men and women, which are shipped within 2 days.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has different products, which you can find on Amazon, such as underwear, workwear, boxers, and accessories. Additionally, you can buy Calvin Klein’s 2020 Pride Collection from the platform as well.


A famous brand which has presented all its products on Amazon. You can find everything related to this brand, from active wear, to fashionable items.

Alex and Ani

Almost every item of this popular jewelry brand can be found and shipped through Amazon Prime, some of which are cheaper than on the company’s official webpage.

Salvatore Ferregamo

A famous luxury brand has a large offering of its products, such as branded bags, shoes and accessories. Additionally, you can find dresses and menswear from this brand floating around on Amazon.


Mango has a wide chain of different products on Amazon with preferable prices. So, you can buy denim items, coats, dresses and accessories of this popular brand there as well.


Levi’s provides customers all over the world with high-quality denim products, and now you can find a perfect pair of Levi’s jeans on Amazon as well.


This brand is mostly known for its bags and shoes. Now, you can find everything related to this brand on Amazon Prime, and get free two-days shipping to boot!

We have only talked about several brands on Amazon, and believe us that in reality, there are much more brands which are available on the platform. So, if you are a brand owner who has some hesitation about starting a business on Amazon, be sure that you can definitely enter this field, and put your brand on a higher level. That’s because Amazon provides brands with ton of opportunities, such as efficient traffic which it offers different channels for getting the attention of more customers. Additionally, you can easily advertise your products at the top of products’ search results.

If you are a brand owner who decides to integrate into Amazon, then contact Oceanic Zoo, and our tea, will provide you with all the necessary information on how to launch this process and, protect your brand from counterfeit issues. Reach out to our team and your brand’s e-commerce achievement will not be long in coming!

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