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There’s nothing wrong about competition, don’t you agree? A healthy competition helps you work harder, and become the better version of yourself. What’s more, you become more focused, since you know that there’s someone else who is ready to take your place anytime you fail! As we already said, there’s nothing wrong about competition, especially when we’re talking about a healthy one!

However, not everyone understands the concept of a healthy competition, and as a result, we have what we have. This is especially dangerous when we are talking about eCommerce and brands that have once decided to dive into the online ocean! This is why our company has created a special MAP monitoring service which will help brands like you be safe and protected!

What Do I Even Need a Map?

It’s not just a paper that represents an area of land or sea and their physical features, it’s a policy! This is a special policy for retailers who are willing to sell products of a certain brand or manufacturer.

MAP is the minimum advertised price, which should be followed by all the sellers who want sell a certain product. For example, an eCommerce seller has decided to sell collectible pens. For this very reason, this seller goes to a brand or manufacturer, shows how legitimate they operate their business, and they finally come to an agreement. Seller signs tons of documents, including the MAP policy. According to it, the “minimum” price of collectible pens is $350, which means that this seller is not allowed to sell them at a lower price!


Think logically, if you, as a customer, visit an eCommerce platform, and see two identical products that are priced differently, which one would you choose? The one that is significantly higher, or the one that costs less? Most customers would choose to spend less money, and that’s the reason a MAP policy exists!

Why Should I Choose MAP Monitoring?

That’s an easy question considering how many benefits this service offers. To be honest, MAP policy infringers are everywhere, and if you want to protect your brand, image, reputation and customers, you must either monitor everything yourself, or trust professionals like us! The benefits are:

  • Balance – as we said, a healthy competition is a positive phenomenon, which means that if you do everything right, monitor sellers and the price at which they’re selling your products, you will be a part of healthy competition. The long-awaited balance is easy to reach: you just have to take certain steps to arrive at your preferred destination!
  • Build Reputation – reputation is everything! Some are even ready to kill for the “name” that they have in a public, but luckily, we have a legal solution! Once you start your MAP monitoring services, you’ll see that customers don’t hesitate no more when they see your product listed on the platform. Just think about it! Customers will appreciate it when there’s a stable price: it talks about authenticity, it shows that counterfeits are a “mission impossible” for your brand!
  • Prevention of Domino Effect – you will avoid the chain reaction that is capable of ruining everything you created from the scratch. To understand better, imagine the following situation: a seller lowered the price of your product, which is unacceptable because of the MAP agreement that they have signed. However, this seller can escape punishment, if you are not monitoring your sellers and prices that they sit. This in turn means that other sellers will see that no one bothers to punish or penalize this seller, which motivates hundreds of sellers to do the same thing. Chain reaction is dangerous, and you already know that for sure!

If there are things that are still unclear to you, just contact us. Together we will discuss all the benefits of MAP monitoring, and will start our work the moment you decide to protect your business. As you can see, this process helps brands overcome their eCommerce fears, and confidently operate their business in a world where MAP infringers don’t exist!

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