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Amazon is the largest and most successful retailer store all over the world. According to the last quarter, the company had a record-breaking revenue which was more than $386 bn, and this is not surprising. That’s because Amazon has a thoughtful strategy in place, the main secret to which lies in offering the best customer experience.

Everything is pretty simple: customers get the best customer service, they share their experience with their friends, and spread their satisfaction with word of mouth. As a result, Amazon has gained the trust of more than 197 million people who purchase from Amazon every day. But, let’s try to understand why Amazon is so popular among customers, and why people prefer to purchase exactly through this platform, compared to other ones.

Pricing Policy

It is a general rule of thumb that the price is one of the most vital parts which has a huge impact on customers’ behavior. Therefore, Amazon does it best in order to keep an optimal balance in the prices of the products which are sold through its platform. Once Amazon finds a seller who sells products at a high price, that seller risks getting suspended by Amazon for Price Gouging Violation.

Shipping Factors

Another important factor which sets Amazon apart from its competitors, is the company’s shipping system. That’s because Amazon’s main goal is to ensure that the orders are shipped as soon as possible.

No one likes waiting, and Amazon knows it like nobody else. Therefore, the platform encourages sellers to use its service, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), through which Amazon takes full responsibility for the entire process of shipping items to your customers. Due to the availability of innovative technology and more than 175 fulfilment centers, Amazon can easily handle the process of shipping in the shortest period of time and in the best way.

Amazon Knows Its Customers!

Another important aspect which sets Amazon apart from its competitors is the fact that Amazon is learning its customer behavior and preferences. If the customer searches or adds a certain product to their cart, Amazon uses this information and shows customers similar products by making recommendations based on their preferences.

What About Returns and Refunds?

As we have mentioned above, Amazon is obsessed with its customers. So, if a buyer faces some issues with their order, they can easily ask Amazon for a refund. Generally, there are tons of reasons why people want to return the orders and ask for refunds. If the reason is valid, then Amazon will refund them in a timely fashion.

And, Of Course, FBA!

It is worth talking about Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) separately. That’s because it is a great feature which involves all the above-mentioned points. Amazon encourages its sellers to use this method of operation, since in this case, Amazon takes responsibility for many vital aspects concerning sellers’ successful operation on its platform. For example, by charging small fees from sellers, Amazon handles the entire process of your products’ storage, ensuring you that all your goods are kept in perfect condition. Also, Amazon provides its customers with high-quality packages which will help them receive the orders without any damages. Plus, Amazon takes care of your shipping process by delivering orders in the shortest period of time. And, in the end, Amazon’s team handles crucial aspects such as customer service. Hence, you can be sure that your purchasers come with the best customer service.

As you can see, Amazon is a real leader in e-commerce, since it has a full-proof strategy which is 100% effective. So, if you want to join this successful platform and become a part of this great empire, then contact Oceanic Zoo, and our team will gladly assist you in this process. By working with us, you can be sure that your brand will have tremendous success on Amazon which will continue to grow!

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