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Life moves really fast, and everyday millions of people decide to launch their business on Amazon.  There is also the other side of the coin! There are lots of Amazon sellers who have a successful business, but for one reason or another, they want to sell it.

However, as practice shows, due to the lack of knowledge in this sphere, the biggest part of such kind of deals are made improperly. As a result, the one who buys a business on Amazon can face really serious issues within their operation. Therefore, it is important to be aware of every scrupulous aspect when it comes to selling or buying a business on Amazon. This is why Oceanic Zoo has prepared several useful facts that you have to consider before jumping into this process. Let’s get it started.

First of all, let’s try to understand whether Amazon allows its sellers to sell their accounts or not.

Can I Sell My Amazon Business?

Of course, you can sell it, but there are several vital aspects that you should consider. You can sell your Amazon business, but Amazon doesn’t allow its sellers to sell their seller accounts. That’s because each seller can have only one seller account on the platform and cannot pass it to another seller. This point is clearly mentioned in Amazon’s contract.

Well, Let’s Say I Informed Amazon!

Once you notified Amazon about your intention to sell your Amazon business, Amazon will immediately close your existing account and open a new one for the new owner of your business. Keep in mind that this process may last nearly two months. If your business’s new owner also buys your Intellectual Property, then you have to add him or her to Amazon’s brand registry.

What’s It Worth?

First of all, you should ensure that you are doing everything by the book so you will not face any issues if you decide to return to Amazon. Moreover, you will protect yourself from mistakes that a new seller makes. Plus, you will also protect yourself from getting linked account suspensions in the future. Imagine a situation where you launch your Amazon business by putting both effort and money into it, but, after some time, you find out about your account’s deactivation due to a linked account suspension. The main reason is that you have not done everything by the book when you were selling your previous account; as a result, you have to handle one of the most difficult types of suspensions.

A Purchase with the Trick!

Or vice versa, let’s say you have bought a business on Amazon, and have not paid enough attention to several details. You have found reliable suppliers, listed your items, and are running a fair business on Amazon. Suddenly, Amazon decides to check your account, and boom! You receive a linked account suspension due to your indiscretion when you were buying your business from a previous owner.

Can I Open Another Amazon Account in the Future?

If you do everything in accordance with all of Amazon’s requirements, you can open up a new Amazon account in the future without any problems. However, keep in mind that if you intend to launch a new Amazon account, you should not use the same name, website, address, or bank account. Moreover, we strictly recommend that you get a completely new computer, since Amazon has a professional designated algorithm can track you both through your IP address and through your VPN. Otherwise, you risk getting an Amazon linked account suspension.

In accordance with the above-mentioned, you can ensure that before buying a used Amazon account, you should think twice, since it may lead to very serious consequences in the future. But, if you are a brand owner who wants to launch a business on Amazon, you can reach out to Oceanic Zoo, and we will assist you in your business’s formation process from scratch. By working with us, you will reduce any minor possibility of facing different issues in your operation!

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