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When you are jumping into the Amazon world as a seller, you can meet lots of new abbreviations and unknown words which may seem to be a little bit confusing for a novice seller. However, each of them can play a really important role within your operation on Amazon. Therefore, if you want to avoid any unforeseen issues, it is better to start your Amazon business under a professional’s supervision. In this case, you can be sure that everything within your business goes smooth. So, today, Oceanic Zoo are going to tell you everything concerning FNSKUs from scratch. Keep reading our blog and you will know what is it, why you need it, and how to obtain it.

The FNSKU Fulfilment Network Stock Keeping Unit is an option which allows Amazon to identify sellers’ products in its warehouses. Generally, each Amazon warehouse uses this method in order to identify products during the fulfilment process. So, the FNSKU allows Amazon to fulfil these processes easier and faster. Thanks to this code, Amazon prints your product labels. You may probably wonder, “Why do I need an FNSKU, when I already have UPC or a barcode on my products?”

Look, there are millions of Amazon sellers who can probably sell the same products on this platform. Now, if two sellers use the same UPCs for sending their inventory to Amazon’s warehouse, it may become the reason of confusion. In order to avoid such kind of unpleasant issues, Amazon wants each seller to use FNSKUs on the product’s shipping label. It will simplify the process of tracking your products.

How to Obtain Amazon’s FNSKUs?

Generally, getting an Amazon FNSKU is a quite simple process. Especially if you are running your business under the FBA model, all you need to do is to follow several tips:

  • Select a product that you are going to sell through Amazon FBA
  • Launch a product on Amazon
  • Once a product appears in your catalogue, Amazon will provide your product with an FNSKU
  • We strictly recommend that you check your products’ FNSKU before sending them to Amazon’s warehouse, as it will help you to prevent further issues with your products’ fulfilment.

In case if you want to obtain a new FNSKU for your product, you have to implement the following actions:

  • Go to Manage FBA Inventory
  • Choose your product
  • Click the drop-down menu to the right of the product
  • Then you should click Print Item Labels
  • And complete the operation!

Apply your new FNSKU, and have happy FNSKU-having products!

As you can see, the process of obtaining FNSKUs is quite simple! Just try to ensure that you are doing everything in accordance with all Amazon requirements. However, advantages provided by this option are enormous. That’s because in this case, you root out possibilities of any confusion with your products. Especially if you are a brand owner who intends to start selling on Amazon, then FNSKUs can drastically simplify your operation on Amazon. If you still have questions concerning how to immigrate to Amazon, then you should contact us and all of the team members at Oceanic Zoo will help you build a high grossing business on Amazon. Additionally, we will help you promote your business more creatively and professionally like no one else! Give us a shot, you won’t regret it!  

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