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Who is an Amazon Seller?

Oceanic Zoo is continuing to introduce the most interesting and unknown facts concerning Amazon to our readers. In our previous blog, we already talked about Amazon vendors and their main functions. Today, we are going to concentrate on the Amazon sellers, who are probably the most underappreciated part of the platform!

Sellers Just Sell Stuff

You may probably want to say: “Everybody knows who a seller is; a seller just sells products.” Of course, you are right! But we should not underestimate the real opportunities and functions of an Amazon seller, since they’re not limited just to selling.

A Seller and Suppliers!

In reality, the entire business of a seller is built based on the fact of how much time and money they are going to put in the business. For example, if a seller decides to start their business under the wholesale business model, they should not only pick the right products for selling through Amazon, but also reach out to suppliers and ask them to cooperate with their business. So, we can see that besides selling, an Amazon seller should also possess some persuasive skills in order to catch suppliers’ attention through his or her business. Basically, it’s a relationship game!
Let’s move on:

Another crucial function that every Amazon seller has to perform is learning how to make your customers happy. Believe us, that it is really very hard process, since you have to manage combining two incompatible aspects: a happy costumer and a high income.  It is hard to believe, but there are lots of successful sellers who manage to provide the best customer service to the buyers and run a high grossing business at the same time.

A Seller and the FBM Model

If a seller runs a business under the FBM business model, it means that he is responsible for lots of crucial aspects such as packaging, shipping, and ensuring that customers are satisfied with the provided service.  In this case, an Amazon seller should not only be an expert in selling, but also possess features such as responsibility, accuracy, courtesy and sacrifice, for the good of their customers.

Still feel like a seller just sells? Then let’s go deeper into the rabbit hole!

A Seller and Suspensions!

One of the worst things that could happen to every Amazon seller is receiving an Amazon suspension. And, in most cases, a seller should handle this issue by themselves. Believe us when we say that a suspended account’s reinstatement is quite a difficult process. And if you don’t have enough experience in reinstatement, it will be too hard to handle it without a professional’s help. However, there are lots of smart and fair sellers who manage to handle all types of Amazon’s suspensions and reinstate their selling privileges by themselves.

As you can see being an Amazon seller is not as easy as it may seems to be from the first glance, and if you really want to succeed in your business, you have to put much effort in your development. Otherwise, you risk getting left behind.

On the other hand, as an Amazon vendor, you should not put much effort into your business and deal with lots of common issues that keep sellers awake at night. All you need to do is find common ground with Amazon. While being a seller is not so easy, it can still be worth your while if your business is structured correctly and you know what exactly it is that you are doing.  

If you are a brand owner who intends to start selling on Amazon and are not sure how to handle this process, Oceanic Zoo are open to help your brand become popular on Amazon in a very short period of time. Give us a call right now, and put the first stone towards having a successful and high grossing business on Amazon.

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