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We all choose Amazon for a reason. Some prefer Amazon to marketplaces like eBay or Walmart because of its reputation; some decide to become a seller because of its customer base, and finally, some choose Amazon because they think that they can succeed just like Bezos once did! So, if you belong to those sellers who chose Amazon for one of the following reasons, you’re in the right place!

Together with us at Oceanic Zoo, you will grow your business on Amazon, and what is more, you will really enjoy all those benefits that this platform offers! Today, we will talk about reviews, their importance and what you can do to have good ones on your store!

Why Are Reviews Important?

According to recent statistics, customers always check the reviews under your products. The most important thing about this is that even one negative review can damage your reputation. Let’s have a look at the following example:

You’re a customer who is looking for product X. After finding this product on Amazon, you look at the reviews under this product, and see that there are 40 negative reviews out of 150 ones. Even though there are still 110 positive reviews, you would still go through all those comments that dissatisfied customers left, and only then make a decision. Unfortunately, you’d most probably leave this product and look for another one, because who knows? Maybe you too get a fake or poor quality product!

What You Shouldn’t Do

First of all, you are not allowed to write reviews under your own products. This is prohibited by all Amazon rules. So, if you don’t want to face some severe consequences, you will have to adapt your business operations and activities to Amazon’s guidelines! That’s when things will surely be fine! This means that you can’t even ask your family members friends and relatives to write a good thing about your product; Amazon’s software can detect literally everything!

What’s even worse, you have to stay away from companies that are offering artificial reviews. Even the ones that promise you 100% guarantee, get caught by Amazon, so be careful! Industry professionals recommend avoiding these kinds of services if you want to preserve your account.

How Can You Get Positive Reviews?

If you don’t want to be intimidated by Amazon, you need to have positive reviews and a good reputation on Amazon. We know, you hate Amazon’s guts and simply want to operate your business without any problems, but that’s impossible on Amazon. If you want a good place, you need to earn it!

You Can Always Ask

After every order, you can request a review. There is nothing wrong about asking for reviews, because you are a seller and you have the right to know about all the negative sides of your business, of your product and of the customer service you provide.

Address the Negative Once

There is nothing better than a seller who tries to fix the situation. If the customer sees that you are doing your best to help them, they will surely appreciate it. Right off the bat, you need to be extremely polite, patient and caring.  What’s more, you have to show that you’re a true professional who can handle all the complicated and challenging tasks!

Address the negative issues in a short period of time: they don’t like waiting!  If you make them wait, the chances that they will dive deeper and fill your account with tons of negative reviews are extremely high, so don’t risk losing everything because of a simple review!

Be Careful!

Be careful when you deal with negative reviews! If you think that customers will kindly remove what they just said because of a small reward you offer, you’re mistaken! Remember that under no circumstances should you ask them to change or withdraw their review. That’s unacceptable, especially for Amazon who doesn’t like things like that!

Go the Extra Mile

Amazon is one of the most innovative marketplaces of the world! It always improves, gets better and develops! So, you also need to change and adapt to the needs and wants of our today’s society and customers! If there’s anything that’s bothering you, you need to find the reason for that and fix the situation! If you feel that customer service you provide is just not enough, you go and do some changes! In the end of the day, you should look at you account and say “I made it!”

Together with our professionals from Oceanic Zoo, you will have a great Amazon store with a great customer-base full of great orders! Just contact us and see how your business gradually improves and attracts more customers!

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