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The popularity of online shopping grows day by day and even faster on Amazon. This means that sellers have all the chances to build a profitable online business on Amazon. There are lots of people who want to start e-commerce business, but hesitate due to lack of bright ideas.

If you intend to build a successful online business, one of the most important aspects is that you have to find a product niche which is going to be popular among Amazon sellers. Here, you have to manage combining the two most crucial requirements: finding high-demanded products and avoiding high streams of competition.

In order to simplify this process, we have prepared several online business ideas which will help you have a successful start-up on Amazon.

Tik-Tok Clothes

Nowadays, Tik Tok is leading the pack among social media platform. There is everything on there! From political jokes, to medical advice, and everything in the middle. At the same time, it is a perfect way for driving clothing sales. The main reason is that many Tik Tokers use the option Viral Posts for creating different fashionable lookbooks. That’s because Tik Tok has 1.1 million active users, and they can easily become your customers if you give them what they want. So, we suggest you take a closer look at these short videos in order to understand what kind of products are in trend in order to be on the same wavelength with your customers. Once you figure that out, you can direct them to your Amazon account!

COVID-19 Related Stuff!

Ever since the mass vaccination has started, people want to serve as an example for others by conveying their health status through fashion. As a result, items such as shirts, hats, and masks with the phrase “Hug me, I am Vaccinated” are at their peak. So, it is the exact time to start your Private Label business on Amazon and offer your customers COVID-related items. Capitalizing on the death of millions does not sound like the most ethical idea, but hey! If it sells, it sells!


With all this coronavirus stuff going on, people are becoming more considerate for their physical health and well-being. And the best sources for getting such information are nutrition books. Another popular category of books is Mental Health; we’ve all been stuck inside for far too long, and know at least one person who has gone totally bonkers! So, try to concentrate on selling books about wellness and spiritual solutions, to self-care, since these topics are definitely going to be the most popular titles during 2021.

Pet Supplies!

Pet Supplies is one of the most popular product categories on Amazon. But; recently, there has been a new trend on Amazon like natural pet toys and treats. So, you can be sure that your pet eats solely organic snacks and toys.

Home & Kitchen Products!

According to several researches, more than 45% of customers are going to shop their home and kitchen products from Amazon. The main reason is that when people spend most time at home, they start noticing even minor issues within their interior. So, it is the right time to start selling stuff like furniture, décor, and appliances. If you decide to devote yourself to selling Home & Kitchen Products, there are several important things that you should keep in mind. First of all, you have to stay away from selling heavy items, since you can face several issues during transportation. Not to mention heavy fees!

Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty and Personal Care is one of the most demanded product categories among the best half of our human beings. Everything, from facial moisturizers and nail treatments to hair scrunchies can be sold within hours. That’s because people are no longer spending time in beauty salons, and prefer to take care of themselves without leaving their homes.

Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

Everything which refers to people’s personal wellness is high-demanded on Amazon. Hence, selling vitamins through your Amazon account can become quite a profitable business. Especially when more than 50% Amazon’s customers are going to purchase vitamins and dietary supplements from this platform in 2021. 

Toys and Games

Another popular category of products that you can consider for selling on Amazon is Toys and Games. That’s because both kids and adults need entertainment when they have to spend more time at home. However, try staying away from seasonal products. They might not sell well off-season and you’ll go down in profit.

We have only brought to your attention several categories of products that you can confidently start to sell on Amazon. In reality, there are far more; however, before sourcing products from your suppliers, try to make sure that they are going to fly on Amazon. Otherwise, you risk losing money and facing issues with remaining inventory.

If you are a brand owner and intend to set an online business on Amazon, contact Oceanic Zoo and we will assist you through this process by providing you with all the necessary tips for running a profitable and, at the same time, successful business on Amazon.

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