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Almost every Amazon seller has a negative opinion about Amazon and the selling process on this platform. Even though Amazon has the richest customer base, it still has certain drawbacks that sellers don’t really like. For example, Amazon seller suspensions, negative (and unfair) reviews from Amazon customers, harsh competition and so forth…

However, not everyone knows that sometimes Amazon can really help its sellers! For example, did YOU know that with the help of Amazon’s special program you can get positive reviews? Yes, that’s possible with a program called Amazon Vine! So, continue reading and implement this colossal news to your Amazon seller account!

What is Amazon Vine?

In order to ensure good customer service on its platform, Amazon created this program, and believe us, it really works! As Amazon itself says, it invites the most trusted and reliable reviewers of Amazon and asks them to write their opinion about a product. Their opinions are “about new and pre-release items,” and they help customers make reasonable and informed purchase decisions.

Purpose of This Program

You all know that Amazon is obsessed with its customers, its main source of money. This is why Amazon wants them to know the truth about the products that are listed on the platform, because even Amazon understands the risks existing on this platform! More specifically, Amazon knows that usually sellers influence customers’ reviews by sending them free products or giving a discount! That’s why it is important for Amazon to create a healthy and honest place where customers can enjoy their shopping experience!

How Reviews Are Selected

This is not a complicated process, but still, this program is based on invites. If you’re not invited, sorry, you can’t be a part of this! As Amazon says, “Amazon invites customers to become Vine Voices based on their reviewer rank, which is a reflection of the quality and helpfulness of their reviews as judged by other Amazon customers.” Vine reviews are the independent opinions of the Vine Voices, which means that as a seller, you don’t have any information about the reviews, and therefore, can’t influence their opinion! Fair enough, isn’t it?

How This System Works

People who participate in Amazon Vine are provided with free products that have been submitted to the program by participating sellers! If you too want to participate, continue reading: we’ll get to that process later! What’s more important, even Amazon can’t modify or edit Vine reviews! So, if you want to participate in this program and are sure that your products are flawless, you will get an honest and objective opinion that should logically satisfy you!

What Customers See When Shopping on Amazon

You surely know that Amazon customers are obsessed with leaving reviews! However, there are also those who cannot make a purchase decision without reading all those left reviews. This is when Amazon Vine program starts its main mission! The review of a Vine customer is identified with a green stripe that is called “Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program.”

How You Can Participate as a Seller

You obviously can’t participate as a reviewer, but you can surely become a vendor who sends products for a review! However, even for this Amazon has certain requirements!

  • First of all, your brand should be registered with Amazon.
  • What’s even more important, you need to have a professional selling plan!
  • Do you own the trademark of your brand? If not, you can’t participate, sorry!
  • All the products should be sold as New! Other categories are not accepted!
  • Products that you sell should meet all the policies and guidelines of Amazon. For example, you shouldn’t sell “adult” products if you want to participate!
  • Products should be listed on Amazon before you apply for this program.
  • All the products should be available.
  • And yes, your products need to have less than 30 reviews each. If it’s more than 30, Amazon will reject your application!

In other words, this is a good way to use Amazon’s services and make the best out of them! If you’re sure about the quality of your products and don’t have any problem about sending them to others, you will definitely enjoy all the advantages of an independent reviewing system!  This way, you will have more reviews, and if your products are really that good, they will surely be positive!

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