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Amazon is the biggest ecommerce marketplace in the world, and this creates the perfect platform for Amazon sellers to jump on and sell an endless supply of products, catering the needs of millions of customers.

But even though the product categories offer a large list to choose from, they are actually problematic. Because most Amazon sellers, especially new ones, are confused to what products to sell on Amazon. And for good reason. In fact, figuring things on Amazon before actually being active on the platform can mean a world of difference, which you can read more about in this blog.

Not every product is profitable and worth selling on Amazon. That’s why we’ve decided to talk about the most profitable items to sell on Amazon, which can be useful both for Amazon sellers, and those who are thinking of creating their own products under the private label model.

Obviously, you would want to start selling products that are actually profitable to sell and that people buy all the time, leaving good reviews as a result. Ideally, you should also pick products with high margins and low competition. That’s what product research is essentially used for. Luckily for you, we at Oceanic Zoo have taken care of that! We’ve spent years researching and finding profitable product categories to sell on Amazon (and e commerce as a whole), and we’re ready to share that knowledge with you!

So, without further ado, here are the best product categories to sell on Amazon that are going to get you high sales, AND good reviews!

1: Cater to the Bookworms!

Never forget that Amazon was initially founded as an online bookstore! After all these years, books still remain one of the most popular categories to sell on Amazon. In fact, statistics show that 15.9% of all Amazon sales are generated by books (both physical and digital), making this a niche worth looking at. Keep in mind, however, that Amazon itself will be your biggest competition if you pick this niche!

2: Toys and Games

If there’s anything we have a lot of, it’s children! And all children love toys. Even adults don’t mind paying for board games and similar products on Amazon, which makes this a golden product category on the platform. Whether its toys belonging to big brands, or private label toys, market research shows that this is definitely a niche worth tapping into. A word of caution: be careful with the toys-games niche during high-demand seasons, and immediately after holidays. During high-demand seasons, the demand for toys and games might skyrocket, making you go out of stock, and sales might suddenly drop all the way down after holidays.

3: Lawn and Garden

Possibly one of the most unlikely categories on this list, Lawn and Garden products are actually some of the most profitable products sold on Amazon because people apparently really love their lawns and gardens! The only issue with these products is that some tend to be a bit on heavier side, increasing shipping costs as a result. But if you can handle that, this a good category you’d want to sell in!

4: Health and Beauty

Who doesn’t like health, and who doesn’t like beauty? It is only a given that this category (sometimes also including personal care) is one of best selling ones on Amazon. Nowadays, selling items in this category can create quite the profitable Amazon business, because people prefer to shop online and especially on Amazon instead of going to physical stores. Just make sure none of your items are past their expiration date, you have the license to sell them, and your source from authorized supply chains. You should be good to go!

5: Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry

It’s a given that this category includes some of the best selling products on Amazon, with very good profit margin. You still need to watch out for seasonal clothing, shoes, jewelry (yes, there is seasonal jewelry!), and also keep in mind that products in this category, while being in high demand, also have high return rates. Why? Well, mostly because people tend to guess sizes incorrectly. Even though Amazon will handle the returns if you are an Amazon FBA seller, you still need to prepare for them if you want to sell items from this specific category.

Go Private Label!

If you have the ability to manufacture products or can work with manufacturers, you can opt for creating your own private label products, again based on product research. If you can do things low cost, even better! Private label products tend to sell well if the research behind them is properly handled!

On Amazon, Anything Can Be Profitable to Sell!

Generally, if you look around Amazon, you will see that Amazon’s best seller lists include products from various categories. You can sell pretty much anything from any product category if you are sure it sells well, and has low competition.

But all of this can happen only if you do market research, keyword research, find profitable products and most important of all: know your customers! Customers will show you which are the profitable products to sell on Amazon’s platform! After all, it’s their purchasing decisions which helps create best selling lists and categories on Amazon!

Other categories which Amazon sellers gravitate toward because the products are hot sellers include electronics, video games, sports and outdoors, pet foods, and home and kitchen.

If you are a brand and you plan on getting things going on Amazon, give our team at Oceanic Zoo a go! We’ve already done the product research, we know a profitable product when we see one, and starting an Amazon business will be twice as easy with our services! If you are a seller on Amazon, visit our website to understand how Amazon works, and how finding profitable products can mean a world of difference for your business!

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