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It is a dream that you hold in your hand. A good book allows you to travel without leaving your place. Books help us escape from reality and jump into the wonderful world full of love, hope and joy. It is the exact reason why in moments of darkness, people return to books. That’s why books

are considered to be one of the bestselling product categories among Amazon’s customers.

Books continue to remain an essential part of most Americans’ daily lives. More than 670 million books are sold per year. Which means that selling books on Amazon can turn to become quite a profitable business.

To Amazon’s Roots!

It is general knowledge that Amazon started its journey in July, 1995, as a bookstore which sold mainly books. Despite the fact that nowadays Amazon sales different categories of products, the retail giant does not forget its roots.

Why Books?

Nowadays, people are provided with the widest chain of entertainment such as movies, video games, music, social media and many others. However, most Americans spend nearly 20 minutes on reading every day. And Amazon is one of the best places where people can find the biggest variety of books in different genres. 

How to Start Selling Books on Amazon!

First of all, you have to create a seller account on Amazon. Here, you are required to choose from Personal or Professional seller accounts. If you are a beginner, you can choose an individual one and change it whenever you wish. Once you are finished with your account’s registration, it’s time to list your books and start selling them.


ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a barcode which helps identify a unique book from other ones. Generally, ISBN has 10-13 digits which is printed on the back and front of the book. If the book was printed before 1970, it will not have an ISBN.

Additionally, when it comes to listing your books, you must also include vital information such as SKU, price, quantity and information about every book’s condition. Keep in mind that Amazon provides book sellers with five main categories concerning book condition:

  • New: A completely new book with its original wrapping
  • Like New: Used book with small defects on it
  • Very Good Books: Books with minor cosmetic defects
  • Good: All pages should be intact, notes are permitted.
  • Acceptable: Minor damages are permissible, but the text might be readable

However, only new books can compete for the Amazon Buy Box, since the price of the book directly depends on its condition.

Now that you have listed your books on Amazon, it’s all about waiting for the sales.

In Search of Books!

If you are an individual book seller, you can confidently start your business right now. But, if you want to succeed in this business, you have to bet big by sourcing books in large quantities. There is also another option for the book sellers: You can start doing Online Arbitrage. All you need to do is find books from different online stores, and list them on your Amazon account.

In this case, you can avoid remaining stock issues by delivering your customers what they really want to read.

Books continue to remain one of the most bestselling categories on Amazon; so, it is the exact time to take a closer look at this category of products and become a reputable seller on Amazon.

But, it is not only about books. If you are a brand owner, who intends to start selling on Amazon, we suggest that you contact Oceanic Zoo and we will find a simple and elegant solution for your situation. By working with our team, you can confidently conquer the e-commerce market and drastically improve your business. If you still have any questions concerning how to sell on Amazon, we are open to answer them and forge a new path into the bright future of your brand on Amazon.

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