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Oceanic Zoo is full of surprises, useful services and skilled specialists who are ready to help others build empires and fulfill their dreams. Together with us, your brand will get the best eCommerce solutions, and what’s more important, it will have a detailed and definite direction, which will in turn lead to success and victories!

Today, we decided to talk about Amazon FBA, and therefore, help Amazon FBA sellers. Since we work with people who mainly choose Amazon as a marketplace to showcase their products, we know that sometimes even FBA sellers need help. Yes, Amazon helps them with prep pack and ship processes, but that doesn’t exempt them from difficulties and obstacles of the eCommerce world.

What FBA Sellers Really Need

To understand what FBA sellers need and how we can help, let’s understand what FBA is in general, and what drawbacks it has.

What is FBA?

In order not to beat around the bush, let’s simply show hat Amazon says about its FBA service: “with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and we pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. FBA can help you scale your business and reach more customers.”

However, Amazon FBA has its drawbacks that are unfortunately affecting sellers of Amazon! The biggest disadvantage is the lack of independence, since Amazon takes the control over your products, packaging and delivery systems!

Here’s Your Answer!

Now let’s answer the following question: what FBA sellers really need. FBA sellers need independence and freedom, that’s what matters to them! The independence that we’re talking about can come in different ways, shapes and forms: for example, sellers can choose products that THEY want to sell, and only then sell them through FBA. Even though this doesn’t seem so impressive, it’s still something that motivates FBA sellers and makes them move forward!

 Independence We Give


To help you establish independence and take advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon services, we decided to talk about dates and what they can mean to you, an FBA seller.

March – Month of Beginnings

Since we’re already living in March, we will start from this very month and what you can sell during this period. March is the beginning of something new and something beautiful, this is what others say, at least! This means that people are motivated to start their life from scratch, buy a planner, distribute tasks, organize their room or maybe finally start to productively work or study. What’s more, there’s a big holiday happening in March – St. Patrick’s Day! This is when you can sell shamrock or clover-shaped accessories, colorful kitchen utensils, decorative candles, wooden beer mugs and other things that are usually used on this day. Let’s be honest, people are obsessed with holidays and celebrations, why shouldn’t you make the best out of their obsessions?

April – Daisiest Month of the Year!

The second month of spring also brings joy and happiness! However, this time it’s coming with Easter – the holiday of Christians and the source of children’s happiness! This is when Amazon customers start ordering products and spending their money on stuff they already have from last year, on the stuff they don’t really need! This is when good sellers start acting and sourcing Easter-themed products!

In other words, this is a perfect time to start sourcing products like shimmering Easter bunnies, multicolor Easter eggs, Easter-themed magnetic mailbox covers (because why not?), eggs coloring kit and so much more! There’s nothing more profitable than selling “seasonal” and holiday-based products: they are always sold! The thing is, people still believe in Santa, Easter Bunny and tooth fairy – they want to believe that spending money on something like this will bring them joy and satisfaction!

In other words, we at Oceanic Zoo understand how important it is to be independent and feel yourself comfortable and relaxed in what you’re doing. But there’s one more thing: if you want to feel free and independent, you need to make you have the best visuals, the best content, product descriptions and the best digital marketing! If your business has all of the above mentioned, just know that you’re already free and autonomous!

If you feel that you need help, contact us at Oceanic Zoo and get the best services possible! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!  

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