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Let’s talk a bit about selling online, listing your products on platforms like Amazon and competing with others. Isn’t it wonderful? The moment when you do what you love the most, when you face others who want to take your place but can’t because you’re better than them? Everything in the world of business gives us an adrenaline rush, and that’s the feeling everyone is familiar with!

This is, of course, exciting and quickens the blood sometimes, however you will not think the same way after you face the harsh reality! The eCommerce reality is not the same as in commercials or movies: it’s ten times worse and ten times unfair!

Of course, there’s always a perfect solution, but we will get to it later. For now, let’s focus on the main problem and its causes.

You see, Amazon sellers and others who sell online think that this kind of selling allows them to either fake products or sell originals at a significantly lower price.  Let’s concentrate on the second option when sellers use your original and authentic products, lower their price and therefore, attract more customers than you. Is it fair? Of course, not.

What is MAP?

MAP is also called minimum advertised price and helps the brands to maintain their original price and have a loyal and permanent customer base.

Imagine, you are selling revolutionary pet products that allow your small friends enjoy their “wild life” and feel at home at the same time. Of course, you, as a manufacturer and as a brand work with different suppliers, distributors and sellers who represent your inventory and resell it on numerous online platforms. That’s obvious! However, out of the blue, you find out that some sellers have the courage to resell your products at a ridiculously low price which however attracts customers because of its affordability! What should you in this situation? Of course, you should file a complaint against these rouge and dishonest merchants on the basis of violation of MAP policy.

Do you get it now? This policy is your guarantee of your healthy business operations and your stress-free business life!

What’s The Solution?

Oh, this is the best part of this article! You surely know those moments when you feel stressed, desperate and anxious, and somehow, a perfect solution comes in like a bolt from the blue! Well, this is THAT situation!

Together with us at Oceanic Zoo, you will get the opportunity to use MAP monitoring as a weapon against violations and rogue sellers!

  • Our MAP monitoring service will make sure you are equipped with all the necessary tools to monitor your products and their prices. This way, you will feel comfortable in a balance that our service creates, but that’s not the end! You will be a part of an advantageous competition, where you will learn tons of new things and gain unbelievable experience! Remember, competition is a good thing! It forces us to be the best in everything we do, so keep it and be a part of it, while monitoring your prices and living your best life!
  • Do you know why MAP violations are so dangerous? When people are selling your products at a significantly lower price, they make you lose your image and reputation that you had among customers! If customers notice a low price, they will buy the product without even thinking about the brand and its name! If you want to maintain your reputation, and show your customers that you are the only one who is authentic and REAL, you need to have total control over your prices! To do so, you just need to have a reliable partner who will monitor your products instead of you!
  • It always starts from one seller. However, if you don’t have control over your products and their pricing, you will not notice any changes in the way your products are prices. This means that sellers will make the best out of this situation, and will start selling your products at a lower price! Prevent this from happening by managing the prices: show that you’re the one who owns those products, and that you’re the one who sets the price!

In other words, MAP policy is extremely important! If you’re selling on Amazon, you need to have control over your products! However, if you’re the one who resells product, please, abide by the policy! Otherwise, the brand will file a complaint and turn your life into a complete disaster!

If you need help regarding MAP monitoring, Amazon gated categories and everything that is somehow related to selling online, feel free to contact us! No question should be left unanswered, especially when you’re working with us!

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