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“The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.”

Did you know that images can help your business more than different types of marketing do? Well, it’s true, especially when you upload images that perfectly show your products, their features and what problems they solve. However, as our practice usually shows, not everyone understands the importance of high-quality, creative and clever images, and not everyone understands that the camera never lies, never!

Unfortunately, bad pictures and successful businesses don’t rhyme together: you can’t be successful if your image content is losing the race, admit it! Just visit the websites of famous and money-spinning companies like Amazon or Walmart… Do you see any photo that makes you hesitate? Is there any picture that will question the seller’s or company’s reputation? Of course not!

Do you want to become the next Amazon? Then you should care about your images and how they demonstrate your products in the best light.

Why Is A Product Image So Important?


To be a perfect shot in everything you do, you have to know how to represent yourself. Everything on your website talks about you, your reputation and your intentions. Let’s be honest: would you use a service if they had low quality content, pictures where you can see each and every pixel or images where you can see someone’s slippers in the background?  Of course not! Neither will your customers!

Images talk a lot about you and your intentions. How you treat your business can be easily verified by the content you upload. Even though we all are living in a free country where everyone has a right to do “whatever they want,” you still need to think about your business and its profitability. Same question: would you buy from someone who uploads low-quality images? Most of the customers would consider it a fly-by-night website, and forget about it within a few seconds!


When words are not enough, photography comes in! If you want to tell your customers a story of a product, you need to have good images. If your image doesn’t even need a description, just know that your images are in a good and healthy condition!

As we said, companies like Amazon have succeeded because they understood the importance of having good content. This is why we will show you how to have a good image on the example of the world’s biggest eCommerce platforms!

We won’t really focus on the technical requirements that Amazon has for its sellers. What we think about is the concept of having high-quality product images that have a meaning, demonstrate your products as they are and don’t include any immoral messages!

This is what Amazon mostly requires:

  • Images must accurately represent the product and show only the product that is for sale – remember the slippers? No slippers in the pictures, please!
  • MAIN images should have a pure white background.
  • MAIN images must be professional photographs of the actual product (graphics, illustrations, mockups, or placeholders are not allowed). They must not show excluded accessories; props that might confuse the customer; text that is not part of the product; or logos, watermarks, or inset images.
  • The product and all its features must be clearly visible.
  • Images must not contain nudity or be sexually suggestive.
  • Product images should not be blurry, pixelated, or jagged edges.
  • Shoes MAIN images should be of a single shoe, facing left at a 45-degree angle.
  • Women’s and Men’s Clothing MAIN images should be photographed on a model.
  • Models that are sitting, kneeling, leaning or lying down (models must be standing)

Do you get it now? Even the position of models matters on platforms like Amazon! This talks about professionalism and proficiency of companies like this. As we said, good photography is better than any type of marketing: it affects the subliminal levels, and that’s what you should work on!

As it is already quite predictable, attracting more customers to your online store won’t be possible without the right photos! This is why we at Oceanic Zoo can help you with this by taking care of your product images and videos!

So… Are you ready to have the best eCommerce store? Then lights, camera, action – we’re starting!

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