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Nowadays, e-commerce is considered to be one of the best and the most popular ways for building a profitable business. Let’s look at several statistics: there are nearly 10 million active sellers on Amazon and more than 23 million on eBay, along with other sellers who run their business on other online platforms such as Walmart and Ozone.

The main reason is that e-commerce platforms provide sellers with lots of opportunities for launching a business within a few days. Therefore, there are lots of people who intend to start selling online, or want to redirect their existing business to e-commerce.

However, during this process, they often meet lots of myths concerning e-commerce which hold e-commerce businesses back from succeeding in this sphere. Therefore, we have decided to dispel all common myths concerning online business and tell you the main common myths about e-commerce.

Myth #1 You Should not Put Much Effort for Succeeding in E-commerce!

Unfortunately, it is not true. If you really want to build a powerful online business which will bring you lots of profit, then you have to spend a considerable amount of time developing it.

Keep in mind that e-commerce is a merciless world where millions of sellers are ready to take all the possible actions in order to achieve the customers’ attention. So, if you really want to stay afloat on this platform, then, you should prepare yourself for  strong battle. Or, you can contact our partners from Jerome Basilio’s team who will help you manage your business without facing any issues.

Myth #2 Traffic Comes Automatically

No- no, there is no such thing as free lunch. And if you want to have high ranking sales, then you must have a carefully thought SEO strategy in place. Keep in mind that e-commerce traffic is quite different from the traditional one, and requires much effort to drive traffic to your business. If you want to have lots of sales, then you should have a powerful designated team in place which consists of SEM, SEO, PPC and SMM specialists.

Myth #3 You Must Have a Physical Location to Run Your Online Business!

Of course, you shouldn’t, since there are lots of sellers who run their business virtually. And it is all up to you to have an office from where you will run your business, or if you are able to do it from any other places. However, if you start getting more sales and will have to expand your team, then you should rent an area from where you can run your business and make sure that everything within it goes by the book. Additionally, by having a physical office, you can avoid issues such as a verification suspension, which is quite a common issue among Amazon’s sellers.

Myth #4 Limited Opportunity for Product Descriptions

Do not fall a victim to this information, since most online platforms do not limit sellers in the volume of content. However, from the professional’s point of view, it is better to avoid writing long descriptions with full of unnecessary information, since it may become a reason for confusion and hesitation for your customers.

Myth #5 The Lower Prices, The More Sales!

It does not really matter whether you are a beginner or a professional seller with solid background. You should not attract buyers’ attention by lowering prices on your products. That’s because your business’s credibility and the popularity of your brand are going to suffer. The main reason is that products with low prices are usually associated with low quality. Simply put, low prices are not an option for driving your e-commerce sales. There are lots of other options which can help you attract buyers’ attention such as free shipping or high-quality customer service.

If your business’s decisions are being affected ny one of these myths, then it’s time to review the way of your entire operation by setting up new goals.

If you are a brand owner and want to start your e-commerce business, then you should contact Oceanic Zoo’ team, and here is why. Oceanic Zoo is a professional team which specializes in providing e- commerce services for the brands that want to start selling online and shoot for drastically increasing their revenue.

Reach out to our team and in the shortest period of time, you will conquer the e-commerce market by becoming a successful online seller.

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