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Let’s remember the times when you were just a kid, did nothing and enjoyed your life. It was fun, wasn’t it? Well, now that times are gone and you’re already a grown-up who should bring home the bacon. Time is literally flying, huh?

Well, if you’re in a similar situation and don’t know what to do, there are many options! You can always start your own business, get a law degree, babysit, resell stuff or teach math to children, but you know which one feels better? In our opinion, the best feeling is when you own something, when you create it from the scratch and raise it as your own kid!  However, you should know about the difficulties that will be waiting for you…

Is Amazon Really Worth It?

Yes. No marketplace has the same number of customers as Amazon! No other marketplace is so customer-focused than Amazon! And finally, no marketplace will offer you services to simplify your life!

…So, you tell us, is it worth it?

Is It Easy?

No, no and no! Amazon is a marketplace that demands patience. What’s more, you have to do everything by the book, because otherwise, Amazon won’t let you sell there, literally! So, if you’re ready for the dark side of every selling model that exists on Amazon, keep reading!

Private Label

This selling model is one of the most popular selling models on Amazon. However, if you decided to start with private label, then you should be ready for common complications and difficulties.

  • For example, you should at first find a good private label supplier or manufacturer who will provide you with unspecified products. However, if you, without even realizing it, work with a fishy company, you will most probably face complaints regarding intellectual property right violation… Why? Because instead of offering unnamed and unspecified products, they will sell you goods that belong to other companies! So, for the sake of your business, be careful! 
  • What’s more, you need to prepare yourself for the money that you’re going to spend over and over again! In this world, everything requires money, but when it comes to private label, you need an entire fortune! Compared to other business models, this method is the most expensive one, which means you will need to have a larger capital for investments.
  • In addition to all the disadvantages that this selling model has, you will have another problem on your plate! If you choose private label because of its uniqueness, it’s time to reveal the truth – you won’t be unique at all! This happens because private label suppliers and manufacturers offer products that are already competitive in the market, so you just buy stuff that is used by others…
  • Becoming popular and demanded on Amazon will take much longer than you think! This happens because of the lack of techniques that will help you raise your brand awareness. As we said, every private label manufacturer offers products that are purchased by most of the sellers on Amazon. This means that you will just sell a generic product with your own packaging and information. So, you just can’t build your brand as fast as it is supposed to be done, because it will take some time for your customers to learn about your business and products.
  • Remember when we said that you can build your eCommerce business whenever you want? Well, it doesn’t work with private label… You see, one needs a huge capital to start this business, source products, design identifiable packaging and list them on Amazon. Consequently, you need not only the capital, but also experience of selling on Amazon, because otherwise you will lose your account!

As you can see, private label has serious obstacles, because of which informed sellers prefer not to choose it! However, if you still want to have your own private label store on Amazon, you can always create it, it’s totally up to you!

If you already have your own private label business, and want to expand and grow even more, you can contact our specialists of Oceanic Zoo for marketing and promoting services, for additional information about everything on Amazon, including Amazon gated categories, and of course, for Amazon product launch mechanisms that will certainly work for you and your business!

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