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You have probably seen those Amazon Choice badges on products and dreamed of having one. With the help of this badge, the products always seem more “royal” and more exceptional, even if it’s just a plastic bag! It’s not even surprising that customers always prefer products with the badge – they are more reliable and trustworthy. 

The Importance of Amazon Choice Badge

Amazon knows that everyone under the sun wants to start selling on the platform. Moreover, Amazon knows that the amount of the products continuously increases because of more and more sellers working in the marketplace. 

So, to unburden its customers, Amazon decided to stamp certain products and help customers make a decision faster and easier. This, in turn, positively affected Amazon’s sales and once again showed that customers are the most important element of a business. 

How to Get One

There are certain techniques that can help you get an Amazon Choice badge without any additional effort. Just remember, whatever you are planning, do everything by the book and make sure you don’t violate Amazon policies. Otherwise, you will not only fail at boosting up your business, but will also end up with a deactivated account and no money. 


Keywords are important not only during the Amazon listing optimization process: they are also a part of getting the badge you are dreaming of. In general, Amazon gives the badges to the products that are searched and demanded the most. So, the keywords that are used by the majority of customers will positively affect the products and give them the desired badges! 

You see, people have the tendency to search the same words and expressions while shopping online: if they want a black pillow, they will definitely include the word “black” and “pillow,” obviously! 

High Ratings

According to the platform, products deserve the Amazon Choice badge only when they have positive and high ratings. More specifically, if customers think that the product didn’t serve them well, and put 1 or 2 stars under the item, it will never get the long-awaited badge. The only thing that Amazon wants is to have its customers satisfied: so, if your products disappoint others, you won’t really get the badge!

As you can see, getting the badge is all about improving your product reviews and ratings and taking care of the quality of your business. 

Long story short, getting the badge is possible with good products. At the same time, having good products is possible only with good Amazon product launch services and product sourcing! If you feel that there’s something we can do to help you with that, just give us a call!  

Prime Eligibility

Amazon thinks about the comfort of its customers. Owing to that concept, Amazon has certain programs that ensure safe and fast service and deliveries, and Prime is the best example of that! As you can already understand, Amazon Prime has tons of advantages for customers, such as rapid and convenient delivery, exclusive access to deals and discounts and so forth. In other words, customers are literally obsessed with this program and are waiting for it to be exceptional!

Most of the products that have the “golden” badge belong to sellers who are prime eligible. Why? Because selling under prime is the best way to ensure fast deliveries and satisfied customers. This means that you, as a seller, need to have products available at your warehouse. After ordering the products, customers would want it to be shipped immediately, and this is what will make your products special. In other words, if you want a badge, you should sell products under Prime! 


There are certain ways to boost your business and one of them is to get the Amazon Choice badge. To do so, you need a perfect marketing strategy, high-quality products and high reviews: if you do everything by the book, you will get the badge!

For more information regarding marketing and similar services, you can always contact us and book a consultation! Together with us, you will have a perfectly created strategy, solid relationships and sales you have always dreamed of!

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Getting the Amazon Choice badge is not that easy! To have one, you should meet all the requirements mentioned in this article from Oceanic Zoo! 

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