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Let’s be honest. When one is thinking about buying something from online stores, the first name that comes to their minds is Amazon. And for good reason, since Amazon is considered to be one of the most popular and profitable e-commerce platforms all over the world. It is the exact reason why more than 310 million customers prefer to purchase from this platform.

However, if you are a brand owner and want to build a powerful business on Amazon, then you should prepare yourself for the fact that it is going to be an uphill battle. That’s because you have to compete with nearly 10 million sellers in order to attract the attention of more customers.

One of the most vital aspects that you have to implement as a seller is to register your brand on Amazon’s Brand Registry. That’s because by registering your brand, you bring lots of positive aspects into your Amazon business.

In this blog, we are going to bring to your attention the main goal of the Amazon’s Band Registry program and try to understand the advantages and disadvantages it provides.

But, before going further, let’s try to understand what the Amazon Brand Registry program is and how it works.

Amazon Brand Registry!

The Amazon Brand Registry program is a perfect way of providing ownership to a brand or a company by protecting its name and reputation on e-commerce platforms. By registering your brand, you also protect your listing both from counterfeit issues and hijackers who may become reasons of different issues within your business right up to suspensions.

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Advantages of the Amazon Brand Registry!

The Amazon Brand Registry is ideal for protecting your brand’s name on Amazon, especially if you compete with millions of other sellers. Additionally, Brand Registry provides brands with chances to monitor their products on Amazon, so the owners can influence their detail pages.

Moreover, you get full control over your products’ detail pages and are provided with the option of listing your items with different product descriptions.

Disadvantages of the Amazon Brand Registry!

You might be surprised, but there are no disadvantages in using the Amazon’s Brand Registry program, and here is why:

The main reason is that counterfeit listings are one of the most common issues that Amazon sellers meet every day. And it is hard for the sellers to fight against unfair sellers. But, if you are a registered brand owner, counterfeit issues will no longer be a problem anymore.

How to Sign up for Brand Registry!

Now that you’ve made sure of the advantages provided by Brand Registry, it’s time to figure out how you can register your brand. Generally, Amazon requires sellers to implement the following actions:

  • File out an Amazon Brand Registry application.
  • Submit an image of your product packaging with the name of your brand on it.
  • Submit an image of your product.

Additionally, you are required to provide Amazon with the letters of authorization signed by the manufacturer.

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