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The history of Amazon is really incredible; everything started in Jeff Bezos’s garage and within a few years, Amazon became one of the most powerful and reputable companies all over the world. We suggest that you also read one of our previous blogs where we go into details and discuss the entire history of Amazon from scratch.

Nowadays, Amazon is considered to be the largest e-commerce retailer used by more than 310 million active customers from different corners of our planet.

If you are a beginner and intend to start your business on Amazon, then we are happy to bring you good news, since we are going to tell you 10 fascinating Amazon statistics that every Amazon seller should be aware of.

Statistic #1 Popularity

The popularity of Amazon is growing day by day. Nowadays, Amazon is considered to be one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms. You can order whatever you want from Amazon; from groceries to fashionable clothes. This is exactly why Amazon is the first online store with the most visited retailer properties all over the U.S.

Statistic #2 People Trust Amazon!

More than 90% of U.S customers give their preferences specifically to Amazon. Customers trust Amazon because they are sure that they are provided with the best customer service on the platform. For example, if they face returns or refunds, Amazon will handle these issues in the fastest way in order to satisfy its customers.

Statistic #3 Prime Members

More than 148.6 million people are active members of Amazon’s Prime Program. This program is available internationally and provides its users with a bunch of benefits such as fast two-day shipping, free music, video streaming, free delivery, and tons of other benefits.

Statistic #4 Number of Sellers

Nowadays, Amazon has more than 10 million active sellers, but the number of people who wish to sell on Amazon continues to grow day after day. Especially now that millions of people all over the world are locked in their houses in order not to be infected by COVID-19. As a result, people prefer to purchase products from online stores, especially from Amazon.

Statistic #5 Revenue

According to 2020 data, Amazon’s annual revenue was 386.1 billion U.S. dollars, and it is not the peak, since the company’s revenue is growing in the speediest way and will definitely show better results in upcoming years.

Statistic #6 Time Is Money!

When you sell on Amazon, every minute is crucial. In 2013, Amazon was shut down for less than 40 minutes and lost nearly $5 million in sales.

Statistic #7 Most Popular Product Categories

According to several researches, more than 44% of the United States’’ Amazon customers have bought electronic products via Amazon.  Amazon actively expands its categories in order to gain new audiences and enhance its target market.

Strategy #8 Millennials Are Amazon’s Main Audience

When it comes to Amazon, millennials are the most active sellers who use Amazon for buying different stuff on a daily basis. And there are a LOT of millennials!

Strategy #9 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Are Not the Best Days for Hitting a Jackpot!

If you intend to have a decent amount of sales, then Prime Day is the best decision for you. That’s because people spend the most during this period, than during Black Friday and Cyber Monday altogether.

Strategy #10 Amazon Sells… Items Per Minute!

According to several researches, more than 4000 items are sold on Amazon per minute. That’s a TON of products!

Strategy #11 Oceanic Zoo Is Really Worth It!

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