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If you feel that you are ready for the selling process on Amazon, you should start working on opening up your selling account. For this, you have to go through formation processes, fill in your personal information and wait for your account to open! 

If you didn’t know, Amazon is very strict when it comes to its sellers. The platform understands that it’s the seller who communicates directly with the customer, and therefore, it’s the seller who provides the customer service. Hence, sellers need to provide certain documents to show their true intentions and that they meet Amazon’s requirements. 

Apart from the personal information such as your name and address, you need to clarify which selling plan you want to choose. There are two options among which you can choose: individual and professional plans. According to Amazon, the Individual plan costs $0.99 per unit sold, while the professional one is $39.99 per month no matter how many units you sell.

Have you chosen your selling plan? Then it’s time to provide Amazon with the required documents including Commercial Liability Insurance. In fact, there are certain points you need to focus your attention on:

  • You need to provide Amazon with General Liability Insurance. 
  • The insurance must indicate that ‘, Inc., and its affiliates and assignees’ are listed as additional insureds.
  • And don’t forget about Product Liability Insurance!

What is General Liability Insurance?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, General Liability Insurance is meant for any business you have, and “protects against financial loss as the result of bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, libel, slander, defending lawsuits, and settlement bonds or judgments.”

What is Product Liability Insurance?

And again, let’s use an official source to explain what product liability insurance is. First of all, this insurance is for businesses that manufacture, wholesale, distribute, and retail a product. This means that if you’re wholesaling, distributing, manufacturing or retailing a product on Amazon, you will obviously need to have this insurance. As it is mentioned on SBA’s website, “this coverage protects against financial loss as a result of a defective product that causes injury or bodily harm.”

This Means That…

This means that if you have both General Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance, you will protect everything you need to sell on Amazon, including your inventory, you and listed insureds. As you can assume, the additional insured is Inc., its affiliates and assignees!

How to Get One?

There are numerous companies that offer insurance to Amazon sellers. However, before working with them, make sure you understand who you are dealing with. Fly-by-night companies have always existed, and today’s reality is not an exception! This is why you should always d the following:

  • Conduct your own research. 
  • Visit this company’s website: if it looks suspicious, then it probably won’t help you with authentic insurance that won’t cause problems on Amazon. 
  • Check the contact information present on the website: if there is a phone number, call them! If there’s an email address, write them a letter. In other words, make sure they respond and address your issue. 

Now that you know how to find a reputable company that has a good reputation, it’s time to contact them and ask for help. 

What Then?

Ater you have your account, it’s time to market and make it as visible as possible! For this, you need to have top-notch product images, videos, high-quality content rich with effective keywords and everything that is related to listing optimization and all that staff! Just contact us whenever you are ready to achieve success on this marketplace and we will do the magic you are waiting for! Are you ready for having the best Amazon seller performance? Are you ready for superior Amazon product launch services? Then spend no time, call us!

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