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Our world is full of codes and programs that we are not aware of, and we’re not really guilty of that! We are living in a world where everything, including computers and eCommerce, is based on ciphers and codification: so, we can’t really survive, earn money and shop online without them. 

The same happens on Amazon, where millions of customers are investing their money and getting something instead. Here, on this very platform, you have to care about what you’re doing to keep afloat and make sure you’re going to make the best out of your selling career. So, if you’re ready to face those common Amazon error codes that may suddenly pop up on your account, this article is fully yours! 

Useful tip: error codes are used to communicate with sellers to avoid the harshest things you can ever find on Amazon: Amazon metrics issues!

Code 8026 – Ouch! You’re Selling Unauthorized Products…

If you are already selling on Amazon, then you have definitely familiarized yourself with Amazon’s requirements in regards to supply chains. If yes, then you know those sourcing products from unauthorized suppliers and selling items for which you don’t have proper permission is more than forbidden here, on Amazon! 

For this, you should either cut off the relationship with your previous supplier and find a new one or understand how to get ungated on amazon for specific products and enjoy your career in this way. 

Code 90122 – Did You Just Include HTML links? 

Let’s get back to square one and understand how much you know about product detail page rules. For example, did you know that underneath the seemingly simple policy, there are hard-to-understand but important-to-know things? Did you know that you will eventually need them to succeed in your career? 

Well, here’s what the code 90122 is about:

According to, you DON’T need to “use HTML, JavaScript, or other types of code in your product detail pages. As a special case, you can use line breaks </br> in the description.” As you can see, Amazon literally says it – no HTML links and codes! So, if you have accidentally included one, run! …Just kidding, remove the link and everything will be fine!

Code 20008 & 20009 – Larger Than You Thought! 

Amazon has various requirements when it comes to uploading product images and some of them seem very strange! Come on, not showing too much skin? Picturing shoes at a specific angle? Even though these sound pretty bizarre, they are one of the reasons why Amazon is so successful: so who’s laughing now?

So, whatever you do, make sure you do it by following Amazon policies and in this case, product image requirements

Code “Conclusion”

If you’re selling on Amazon, you have to understand the main values this platform is focusing on. More specifically, you have to zoom in on the policies and requirements Amazon has and why they are so important: otherwise, you will have to leave this platform and try your luck elsewhere! 

If you’re having problems with selling on Amazon, make sure you contact us as soon as possible! Our marketing and Amazon-focused service will help you solve your problems and enjoy your selling career on Amazon! 

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