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It’s time to highlight the weight of eCommerce in our everyday lives and understand that sooner or later we will have to organise a farewell party to brick and mortar stores… After 30 or 40 years seeing a physical store would be a tender look back, a memory of moments that are gone, and a memory that demonstrates the drastic changes that have been implemented! 

So, you’re an eCommerce seller and are looking for some inspiration? Then it’s time to show all the statistics that will assure you that you have made the right choice! 

Remember, statistics and news are always important and they can affect your selling career, they really can. However, it’s not that easy! We at Oceanic Zoo recommend that you start from the basics and start working on things like your Walmart seller application, ways to optimize Amazon listing and so much more! As you can see, we’re mainly focusing on platforms like Amazon and Walmart, because they are the future of eCommerce! However, if you still want to focus on your own eCommerce website, then this article is still a great source for inspiration! 


Did you know that after a couple of years most of the purchases will be made online, aka eCommerce! This means that if you start the business now, you will have a skyrocketing business by then! So, if you’re still hesitating and are not quite sure about your business’ potential, it’s time to consider a few things, don’t you think?


Wanna have your products demonstrated on one of the biggest eCommerce platforms? Well, it’s probably Amazon! Amazon has approximately 151 million users on its mobile app, meanwhile the second place belongs to Walmart. Another retail giant. 

This means that you have various opportunities to choose from. Whatever you choose, we will support you and help with our exclusive services, like walmart automation and walmart dropshipping. In case of questions, get in touch with us: we will respond to each of your questions as quickly as we can! 


Social media is making headway towards the future of eCommerce. In fact, those who are active in social media, post images, videos, reels and tiktok content, always have more sales and order. And you know why? Because customers see that you’ve invested your money in social media management and that you care. 

And here’s  the numbers you were waiting for – your sales will have more than 35% growth with social media accounts! 


Whatever you are selling, you should do thorough research and understand who your segment is and what exactly you should offer to your customers. But here’s the thing – your best customers will always be millennials, those who were born between 1981 and 1996/8. 

Most of them will use the products they found on Amazon as their TikTok or Instagram content. In other words, if you want to have your store marketed in the easiest way possible, focus on millennials. But please, don’t forget about the product you’re selling! Maybe it’s a smart caregiver for seniors? So, always make sure you double check before you do anything! 

If these stats haven’t changed your mind, read the article again, it’s almost impossible! In case of questions and inquiries, give us a call, we’re waiting for you and your killer ideas!

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