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After tying the knot with Amazon, sellers usually enjoy their Amazon honeymoon, where they get tons of orders and make many sales. They’re having so much fun, and don’t even think about the minefield that is waiting for them after the wedding trip with their favorite platform. 

What they didn’t know is that Amazon is extremely demanding, and once the spouse does anything wrong (even a slight mistake!) they will forget about all the perks of selling on this platform. So, if you belong to the group of sellers who have recently noticed a decrease in their sales, let’s find out why that happened. 

Your Seller Metrics Are The Reason! 

Sometimes, when you have a late delivery or a product that was damaged during the shipment process, you get in trouble with the platform, and this is where all your problems come from. Amazon performance metrics are one of those ways to monitor your account, check your store’s adherence to the targets and policies set by Amazon, and if you don’t keep an eye on them, you will lose that opportunity! 

To better understand what we’re talking about, go and check your Account Health out. There you will find metrics like order defect, cancellation, late shipment, valid tracking and on-time delivery rates. Each of them has their own target which you have to maintain if you want to regain all those sales you once had! 

Where Are Your Optimized Listings? Is Everything OK?

Look, Amazon is a platform where you have to optimize your listings in order to be extra visible and demanded. However, not everyone knows how to do that – too many phrases, over-researched keywords, wrong product categories: all these things screw up Amazon sales and decrease the orders. 

If you’re struggling with Amazon listings, you can always rely on us and our specialists. Our Amazon listing optimization services will help you run your own ship and get more orders than you were expecting! 

Your Store Was Hit By Negative Feedback…

If you’re a seller on Amazon, you have to perform a balancing act between different customers, which is quite hard! However, we’re all people and sometimes even we can fail! For this very reason, Amazon sellers usually have negative feedback and two or three stars reviews which lower their visibility and reputation on Amazon. 

So, if you feel that your sales have been decreased, check your products and the feedback each of them has. Once you detect the potential issue, don’t hit the panic button. Just address the issue as politely as you can, and everything will be just fine! 

Wanna know the secret of successful Amazon sellers? They always take care of their accounts and they never ignore the signs that come from Amazon. This is the main secret you should know – everything else will come along the way! 

Business opportunities are like buses, and if you failed to catch it today, you will catch it tomorrow. Contact us and you will catch the best opportunity to boost your business and grow!

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