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Ever since COVID-19 has become an essential part of our life, the governments of most powerful countries such as United States, Russia, and German have put their effort to invent a proper vaccine in order to root out COVID-19 form our life.

The global effort to solve the coronavirus-related issues has started to show positive results. More than 72 vaccinations against coronavirus are currently in development, and nearly 7 have been successfully used by different countries.

The approach to the vaccination is quite controversial and has divided the world into two main tribes: On the one hand, there are lots of people who are ready to be vaccinated and get to their usual life. But, on the other hand, there are people who are totally against the vaccination. We’re definitely not here to debate! What we are interested in is another aspect.

But, in fact, there are more than 271 million people who have been vaccinated in different corners of our planet. And those who are immune to the virus actively showcase their vaccinated status by wearing shirts, hats, masks and other stuff with the phrases like “Hug me, I’m vaccinated,” or “No more choking mask”. So, selling such kinds of products has become quite profitable. So, if you intend to start selling on Amazon, but do not know what business model to choose, we suggest you take a closer look at Private label, since it is the best way for selling COVID-19 related items that can have a personal flare to them.

What Is Private Label?

Generally, Private label products are manufactured by a third-party manufacture under the retailer’s brand name. Among the most popular private label categories are:

  • Personal care
  • Beverages
  • Paper Products
  • Clothes

There are lots of Amazon sellers who succeeded in selling Private Label products on Amazon. That’s because this business model provides sellers with lots of opportunities for running a profitable and safe business on Amazon. First of all, if you sell your own branded products, the possibility that you face high wave of competition on Amazon is too low. So, it is the right moment to take a bull by its horns and start your Private label business on Amazon.

How to Start Your Private Business on Amazon!

The entire process of private labeling is quite simple in theory.  First, you have to choose the right niche of products that you are going to sell on Amazon. Try to ensure that this product is trendy and in high demand among Amazon’s customers. Additionally, you should stay away from heavy and massive products. In this case, you can save money on shipping costs, especially if you use FBA as your main fulfilment method.

Where Can You Find Suppliers for Your Private Label Business?

If you really intend to start a Private Label business on Amazon, then it is wise to mention that there are two main ways for finding Private Label suppliers: Local trade shows and the internet.

Trade shows are the best option, since you can personally visit the country from where you are going to source your Private Label products. Here, you can meet your future business partners face-to-face and check their products in place.  Of course, COVID-19 does not permit that, and if your business is not as big, travelling can be costly.

That’s why you can always turn into our good (not-so) old friend: The Internet!

Here, you have to conduct a thorough investigation in order to find information about the most popular and reliable manufacturers. Then, you have to contact them either by a telephone number or an email address. However, it is better to call them, since, as practice shows, most suppliers refuse to cooperate with Amazon sellers for several reasons.

Once you find the right product niche, it’s time to choose the logo or a sign that you are going to put on your products. With this global vaccinating trend, it is the exact time to choose something related to this topic, or if you are a creative person you can come up with more interesting and eye-catching products.

But what if you are an existing brand owner and want to start selling your products through Amazon,, you can contact Oceanic Zoo and we will provide you with comprehensive information concerning how to start selling on Amazon and increase your profit in the shortest period of time.

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