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Trademark is an important part in running a safe business on Amazon. Without having registered trademarks, sellers would be violating each other’s rights, and facing unnecessary issues during their operation on Amazon. Hence, if you want to avoid both legal and financial problems, you should have a registered trademark in place. In this case, you protect your business from hijackers and enjoy opportunities provided by Seller Central and Amazon Brand Registry.

Unfortunately, most Amazon sellers underestimate the importance of registered trademarks, whereas trademark is a crucial part of your successful operation on Amazon. Without having a registered trademark, you cannot be considered a reliable brand when it comes to selling both products and your business. So, if you intend to build a real brand and earn good money, a registered trademark can help you drastically increase the value of your business.

Protect Your Business from Intellectual Property Issues!

If you have a registered trademark in place, you can not only boost your sales and create a positive image of your business, but also protect yourself from Intellectual Property issues. In this case, you can easily detect and block your competitors from selling your brand’s products. Having a registered trademark is an important part for running a legitimate and safe business on Amazon.

The main goal of a registered trademark is to encourage fair competition on Amazon and protect both customers and sellers from different issues such as hijackers, unauthorized sellers and counterfeit products.

When You Should File Your Trademark Application

The best thing that you can do as an Amazon seller is to register your trademark at the beginning of your operation on Amazon. That’s because in this case, you are provided with a chance to choose the name of your brand first, and prevent other sellers from using it in the future. Even if you are an existing Amazon seller, it is not too late to trademark your brand right now.

How You Can Register a Trademark

The entire process of trademark registration is quite simple; but, you should keep in mind that it is a legal proceeding which involves lots of decisions.

Generally, there are three main steps that you have to implement before registering your trademark.

  • Create a Strong Brand Name. That’s because one of the most crucial aspects in your trademark registration is choosing a proper brand name.
  • Conduct a trademark clearance search. Here, you have to devote a considerable amount of time to ensure that there is now a brand with similar name. Once the USPTO finds out that there is an existing brand with a similar name, your application will be rejected immediately.
  • Additionally, identify the right trademark class which you are required to do right after you apply for trademark registration. Keep in mind that once you get it wrong, your application will immediately be rejected. Your main goal is to choose the category of products that you are going to trademark.

How You Can Register Your Brand on Amazon

Once you have obtained your trademark, you can start working on applying to the Amazon Brand Registry. Here, you have to go to Amazon’s Brand Registry website and file an application. Then, you should identify your trademark type and upload your products’ images. Additionally, you should enter your UPC information and submit the application.

If you sell on Amazon without having a registered trademark, sooner or later you will face issues such as hijacked listings, which is not the best scenario for your Amazon business. However, if you have a registered trademark in place, you can easily avoid lots of issues during your operation on Amazon. This is an important investment which can help you drastically improve your business.

Amazon provides brands with all the possible opportunities for building a successful and profitable business on its platform. All you are required to do is to obey Amazon’s requirements and do everything by the book. If you are a brand owner and want to start selling on Amazon, contact Oceanic Zoo and our team will help you start selling on Amazon by providing you with the best options for succeeding on this platform.

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