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Hello there! Today at Oceanic Zoo we will tell you about all the hidden aspects of selling on Amazon. Believe us, at first it will seem terrifying, but you know what? Everything has its solution, and together with us, you’ll find good resolutions to every problem! Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms that exists across the entire world, and everybody under the sun wants to have an account there. People say that selling is like A-B-C, but in reality, it isn’t! Amazon is full of twists and turns, and it knows how powerful it is. This is the reason Amazon sellers are either afraid of Amazon’s power, or are terrified of all the things that need to be eventually done.

Most of our clients know about all those things that make other sellers quit, but they don’t want to give up. That’s what makes us special: we offer solutions to your problems, we offer assurance to all your fears, and we give all the answers to your questions. We are here to help, and we are to educate you!

Why They Quit: Reason 1

Because it’s too difficult! You need to know all those policies and guidelines by heart, you have to make sure all your orders find their customers, and that you always have enough products. You have to make sure your products are high-quality, and that when you list them on your Amazon store, you do that right! You need to keep an eye your products and their security: you should identify counterfeits, protect your brand and so on. Agree, it’s a huge responsibility, but let’s remember that “you become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

Solutions We Offer

We know that the stakes are high, and that you want to succeed. What we also know is that you want your business operations to be a real smooth sailing. But when you face difficulties, you question yourself over and over again. That’s why we’re offering a high-class eCommerce service that will make your life ten times easier, and your career even more successful! How? What we offer is not simply a service that will help you operate your business, it will also help you with MAP monitoring, counterfeit elimination, seller supervision, price management, listing creation and optimization, and so forth. In other words, we offer solutions to the things Amazon sellers are most afraid of!

Why They Quit: Reason 2

“They say Amazon closes accounts: it’s a one-way ticket!” Yes, that’s true, sometimes Amazon closes or let’s say deactivates accounts of its sellers. Why? Because they either provide false and fake information, or infringe Amazon’s policies. Sometimes it’s a result of fierce competition on Amazon! In any case, that should be scary for those who don’t know how to avoid that problem, or what’s even more important, to escape!

Solutions We Offer

We at Oceanic Zoo have different techniques to help you with this problem. To be more precise, we know ways to help you avoid similar problems with Amazon! Let’s take for example listing creation. Amazon will certainly suspend those who don’t follow Amazon’s guidelines related to listing creation, and who list the wrong products. But there’s one thing that can help you with that! Our listing creation and optimization service! If your listing is created by professionals who know Amazon and its requirements by heart, you will never have similar problems, and what’s more important, you won’t get suspended as a result. Ta-daa, your account is safe! As we said, for your every concern and fear, we have assurance and answers!

Apart from this, we have reliable partners with a good reputation among Amazon sellers! Our partner appeal service, Got Suspended Clients, will help Amazon sellers who previously got suspended on Amazon. In any case, contact us, and we will figure everything out together!

As you can see, there are always excuses for not selling on Amazon. Remember, “a man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else!” Don’t blame Amazon for being too strict, or being too complicated: don’t blame anyone at all! There are always those that can help you, you just have to ask for help. We at Oceanic Zoo offer the best eCommerce solutions to brands that want to expand and start selling on Amazon. If you’re one of them, contact us!

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